Solving the “Secure HDCP link not found” problem with the Xbox 360 (X360)

I recently tried to play for the first time a DVD on my Xbox 360 and was greeted by one of the worst miserable human invention: HDCP. Great companies and smart engineers wasted resources on something useless to me as a consumer.

The solution was easy when found. Just buy an HDMI splitter and an additional HDMI cable and you are set.

Now you should be able to play DVDs and Netflix without “Secure HDCP link not found” through.

Some of you might have sound for games but not for DVDs or Netflix. If it is the case, make sure that you go to “Display Settings” and then enable “Display Discovery”. The HDMI splitter also solves that issue.

My blog is back. Sort of.

Thanks to my previous host, I completely lost the previous blog database. And I was hesitating to start a new one, despite the success of the previous blog.

At the same time, the world is still the same and I keep encountering small problems improperly or not documented every day. I often wish someone would have written a similar blog to save me a bit of time, and just said “here is how I solved it” on blogs, instead of just “problem solved”.

My goal is therefore to document some of the solutions I daily find here. Hopefully it will make it easier for others to solve identical problems, and to reduce the overall information noise.