Compiling and patching Wine on Linux Mint

This is an area where Linux shine a bit, the default latest version of Wine does not work with Euler Math Toolbox, but a patch exist so I decided to dump into compiling it and patching it on my own. It was surprisingly straight forward, even if I had to compile the information from a dozen pages.

Here are the simple steps

  1. Download the .tar.bz2 source code from
  2. Go to the folder where you downloaded the file, open a terminal and run without quotes “tar -xvf wine-1.5.15.tar.bz2”
  3. Then enter the directory without quotes “cd wine-1.5.15”
  4. Get the tools and libraries needed to build wine again without quotes “sudo apt-get build-dep wine1.5”
  5. Build configuration for your machine again without quotes “./configure” yes there is no typo: “./configure”
  6. When it is done just type “make” without quotes again
  7. If everything went well just install with “sudo make install” without quotes

And that’s it. Now imagine you want to patch the code base. In between steps #4 and #5 run the following.

  1. Download the patch for example in my case it was which I saved as winepatch.diff
  2. Make sure to copy your .diff file into the wine-1.5.15 folder
  3. In terminal run “patch -p1 < winepatch.diff” from the wine-1.5.15 folder

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