Switching from Photoshop to GIMP. Yes really!

I own a copy of Photoshop CS3 purchased a while back. At the time Photoshop was the only real credible software, and GIMP was kind of a joke.

Things have changed, and GIMP since 2.8 has a robust single window mode, a pretty impressive set of filters, and even allows me to run my favorite Photoshop plugins inside Gimp.

So I decided to give the software a chance, evaluated it with the real kind of work I would do in Photoshop, as well as simpler fast random daily tasks. I have been impressed enough to adopt the software, and to put my copy of Photoshop on sale.

I recommend evaluating it, and making your own mind. If you do here is what I recommend trying.

  1. Download and install GIMP 2.8.1 from Partha’s websitehttp://www.partha.com/downloads/Gimp-2.8.1-32bit.exe
  2. Download and install the useful plugins from the same site: http://www.partha.com/downloads/Gimp-2.8.1-Plugins-32bit.exe
  3. Try HQ Rescale to get high quality upsized images
  4. Try LayerFX to emulate the photoshop layer effects
  5. Try Liquid Rescale to get smarter resizing respecting image details
  6. Try Upsize as another option to HQ Rescale
  7. Try Refocus to get the best out of blurry shots
  8. Try Save for Web to optimize images as you can in Photoshop
  9. Try all the others included in the default install:  Gmic, Refocus it, Resynthesizer, Saturation Equalizer, Wavelet Denoise
  10. Try some Photoshop plugins with PSPI. For example I recommend the awesome and free XiDenoiser and XiQuantizer

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